Saturday, July 24, 2010

Running Gadgets: iPhone Running Apps

I am not a big believer in running gadgets. I don't do sunglasses, GPS trackers, hats, headbands or even hydration packs (unless it's exceedingly hot like now..) . I only have one can't run wirthout/can't live without item: my iphone. The primary reason is because it has an AMAZING runnung application that tracks the miles I've ran, how fast I am running and gives voice notifications after I've reached certain milestones. For example, no matter how far I'm running I always set it up my running app to let me know when I'v reached every half mile. This enables me to feel accomplished after every half mile and gives me the motivation to keep going. The name of the app for any iphone users is RUNNER by Delta Vee. There are other iphone running apps out there (see link) but none work in my opinion as well as the RUNNER by Delta Vee. I highly reccommend it (and no I am not getting paid to promote it).

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